Bacon Wrapped Pork Tenderloin Bacon Biscuit Sliders

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Hello fellow baconators. It’s that time again when the crispy smoked cured meat candy that we call “bacon” is calling out “Eat me!”  That’s right, it’s time to get my bacon on.  Now, this time around, I’m calling on my biscuit lovin’ self.  I learned how to make rockin’ biscuits… [Bacontinue Reading]

“The Bacon Jams” Spread The Bacon Love

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The Bacon Meater

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The Bacon Jams Candied Bacon

Chances are you’ve seen some form of bacon jam at a food truck or a gourmet restaurant before, but did you know you could have some stocked in your very own fridge to put on everything? Well you can! The Bacon Jams have perfected and packaged three delicious variations of Bacon… [Bacontinue Reading]

Wild Bill’s Bacon Jerky

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The Bacon Meater

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The front of Wild Bill’s 3oz package of bacon jerky makes the claim that “It’s Bodacious!” which is defined by the Merriam-Webster dictionary as “very good or impressive” and I can certainly vouch for that. I’ve reviewed some great bacon jerky before, and while those were certainly delicious, they had far… [Bacontinue Reading]

Spiced Candied Bacon Toffee

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Well HIYEEE Y’all! Time to get my bacon on again. Today I’m writing about sweet, savory, and spicy with my Spicy Candied Bacon Toffee. Candied bacon is a whole new level of YUM for bacon lovers. Spice that meat candy up and you’ll never go back to the same ole, same… [Bacontinue Reading]

This Holiday Season “Be Merry & Eat Bacon”

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The Bacon Meater

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The best way to display your love of bacon this holiday season is to cook some up and eat it, but the second best way is to wear a t-shirt that conveys to the world the following sentiment: “Happy Holidays. Bacon is amazing.” BaconFreak’s “Be Merry, Eat Bacon” shirt is an inspired creation that combines holiday… [Bacontinue Reading]

Turbaconducken: The Thanksgiving We All Deserve

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If there is one thing that I have desperately wanted to try, but can never seem to ever get my family on board, it would be a Bacon Wrapped Turkey. There have been many Bacon Wrapped Turkey recipes put out there over the years, but today we’re going to focus… [Bacontinue Reading]

Black Friday At Slater’s 50/50 Is The Best

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My intense love of Slater’s 50/50 has yet to waver, and judging by their Black Friday offerings, it never will. While I have never in my life participated in the waiting-for-hours-in-line-and-stampede-stores tradition that comes with Black Friday in America, I would debate joining in if the destination was Slater’s 50/50… [Bacontinue Reading]

Bacon Today Debuts The Bacon Spice Latte

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If you haven’t already become familiar with the bacon juggernaut that is, now you have even more reason to: The Bacon Spice Latte. A couple weeks ago, when I reviewed Bacon Freak’s Fall Recipe Collection, I mentioned that somebody needed to get to work making a Bacon Spice Latte to… [Bacontinue Reading]

37 Tweet-sized Beer Reviews

Cheers To Beers

They don’t call me Andy “Sampler Tray” Greene for nothing. As I approach my 500th beer review on Untappd (a great beer rating/reviewing app), I have decided to share some of my sometimes clever, sometimes clueless tweet-sized reviews with you. For more like these, be sure to friend me on… [Bacontinue Reading]